Entropic Melodies

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The word "entropy" refers to the state of natural decay displayed by the three dilapidated buildings that are the subject of this tonal poem. The images were all captured during two recent rapid "bursts" of picture taking over the span of about two hours each on two separate occasions. The "mystery" refers to how I was inexplicably "driven" (unconsciously, as though possessed by an inner mission) to find "old/abandoned" buildings. I drove 50 and 75 miles, respectively, in search of these buildings; and I did not consciously find them. It was only after my conscious mind decided to turn back home at the next exit (coincidentally, both times this happened at the exit toward "Warrenton" (Northern VA); on Route 66 the first time and along Interstate 95, the second), that I (or rather my inner "eye") caught sight of the buildings, certain elements of which are shown below. The deeper mystery is how, despite their profound state of ruin, they are all somehow palpably, and powerfully, alive! The typically clean, chiseled forms and lines of "new" modern buildings are, by comparison, sterile and devoid of the life that permeates, and radiates from, these older living structures.

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